Why The Acid Reflux Triggers When Relaxing

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A diet high in saturated Fats
?  Purple = Acceptable : Moderate sugar/glycemic  ? ?  Arugula 1,

Why The Acid Reflux Triggers When Relaxing

3, 4/2
?  Soy Bean 9, 17, 10/6
?  Zucchini 0, 1, 3/2
?  Okra 0, 2, 7/3
?  Onion 0, 1, 3/2
?  Parsley Why The Acid Reflux Triggers When Relaxing 1, 3, 6/2
?  Pepper, sweet, red 0, 1, 6/2
?  Parsley 1, 3, 6/3
?  Radish 0, 1, 3/2
?  Okra 0, 2, 4/2
?  Bok Choy 0, 1, 2/1
?  Broccoli Rabe 0, 3, 9/4
?  Carrots, raw 0, 2, 5/3  *
?  Hemp Seeds 46, 25, 18/4
?  Sardines 11, 25, 0/0
?  Sole 2, 24, 0/0  *
?  Pistachios 44, 21, 28/10
?  Walnuts 65, 15, 14/7
Seeds  ? ?  Clams 2, 26, 5/0
?  Crabmeat 2, 19, 0/0
?  Pork, Sausage 12, 28, 0/0
?  Pepper, sweet, yellow clothes have less heart
Why The Acid Reflux Triggers When Relaxing
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