Treating A Heartburn Chest Pain

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Treating A Heartburn Chest Pain

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Compostiion:Sudha Suhaga, Pipal, Shring bahsma, Loban etc?
Indication:Antipyretic and Analgesic
Dose:1-2 tab tid. ALOEDERM OINT
Ing: jatamansi, malkangni, shilajit, arjun chhal, brahmi, vachha, sarpagandha, triphala , punarnava, haritaki, Guduchi, Nagarmodha, Vidanga, Vacha, Dill oil etc.

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Ing: Daruharidra, punarnava, haritaki, guduchi, Ardraka, Eranda moola, Guduchi, Trikandaka, Athivisha, Yogaraja-gulggulu, Rasna, Nirgundi. Treating A Heartburn Chest Pain Ind:Piles, Itches in anus
Dose:External application

Ing:Borax, Vaseline
Ind:Scabies, Seratches, gum, lozenges, sprays, etc. Dose:2 tabs thrice daily before meals
Packing:Bottles of 100 tablets

Ing:Dasamoola kwath, Yava, Kola, Kulatha, Kalka of Madhu-ragana, Saindhava, Agaru, Sarala, Devadaru, Mezhuku etc. acid reflux tumblr Ind:Prameha and associated conditions
Use:For external benzoic gerding equation application

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Treating A Heartburn Chest  can heartburn cause heart attack acid burn x-ray  like symptoms   Pain

Ing:Saindhava, Nimbu etc. Ind:Indigestion, Flatulence, Colic, Diorr-hoea & Indigestion, Flatulence.