Stomach Acid Side Pain

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Stomach Acid Side Pain

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Stomach Acid Side Pain

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Khatam-ush-Shu’araa (seal of teachers/scholars) used for Shaikh Ali Huzain in India. Khatam-al-Auliyaa used for Ahmad Bin Idrees. Khatam-ul-Karaam (seal of narrators and commentators or exegetes) for Shaikh Ali Huzain in India. Khatam-ul-Muhaqqiqeen used for Shaikh Ali Huzain in India. Khatam-al-Kamileen (seal of remedies) used for kings.

Khatam-al-Muhadditheen (seal of research scholars) used for Shaikh Abdul Haque. Khatam-al-Muhadditheen (seal of sainthood) for best saint.