Foods For Heartburn Patients

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Foods For Heartburn Patients

with sunflower kernels
Assorted stick chewing gum
Jumbo heart sprinkles
Canned chocolate syrup or powdered cocoa
Stevia to taste
Blend in blender. Apple apple cider vinegar and pregnancy stomach acid Pie Smoothie
1 cup heavy whipping cream
4 ice cubes or 1 frozen banana
Squeeze of fresh lime
Stevia to taste
Blend in blender.

Apple Pie Smoothie
1 peeled MacIntosh)
Black & red currents
Blackeyed peas
French beans

Foods For Heartburn Patients

Green Peppers
Jalapeno pepper
Chicory greens
Collard greens
Red peppers
Zucchini squash
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Explicit Sex Ed For 1st Graders
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Explicit Sex Ed For 1st Graders
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Foods For Heartburn Patients

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