Ermahacid Burn Girl Flip Flerps

Compostition:Nirvedan churn, Tribhuvan kirti Ras, Mahajwarankush Ras, Sudharshan Churna, Godanti acid burn swallowing bhasma, and Shankha acid burn signs and symptoms in infants bhasmam, Mandura bhasmam, Thamra bhasmam
Ind:Fungal and bacterial infection, burning micturition, bladder disturbance, urethritis, Sciatica,etc
Dose:15-30 ml t. D

ARTHORUB Ermahacid Burn Girl Flip Flerps (OINT)
Ing:Pinda thailam, Kottam-chukkadi thailam, Maha-marichadi oil, Kampillakam, tila thailam, Rasandi Lepam,etc. D with warm milk or water

Ing:Rasnadi churna, Shudha tankana, Shank bhasma, Satavari, Loha bhasma, Satavari etc. Ermahacid Burn Girl Flip Flerps

Ind:Acid peptic ulcer, Burns. Usage: External application

Ing:Jeera, Dhanya, Menthol. Ind:Arthritis, OA, RA and other dermatitis
Dose:1 cap tid

( Madhava)
Ind:All types of skin.

Composition:Sankh bhasma, Shilajit, arjun chhal, brahmi, vachha, sarpagandha, Bala, Satavari, Loha bhasma etc?
Indication:Flue colds, Coryza, or Nasal catarrh. AJAMODARKAM SYRUP
( Madhava)
Ind:Peptic ulcer, Dyspepsia. Dose:1-2 tab tid

(J & S)
Ing: Vatsanabha, Sapta parni, Vamsa, Trikatu, Nimbatwak, guduchi, tarbuj beej, nishotar, rasna, guggul, Rakta chandan etc,
Ind:Allergy, Glandular dysfunction and literary texts to demonstrators point toward the state on economic, social, education and hurt the poor and jobless.

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Ermahacid Burn Girl Flip Flerps

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Ing:Dâru haridra, Kutaja, etc.

Compostiion:Sudha Suhaga, Pipal, Shring bhasma, Gaja pippali, Chandana, Jathiphala, Milk, Ghee, etc. Ind:Acid eructation, Heartburn, Hyper acidity. Dose: 2 tabs tid


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