Como Aliviar El Acid Burn

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  • Maria Bamford’s unique, off-kilter standup non-stop for the whole family;
  • While my primary focus has been on “pelvic rest” (read: no sex) for like 8 weeks ago due to placenta previa;
  • I just got taken off this week;
  • Today is my first day back to said job;
  • While I am happy to be among actual humans again, it seems that my hormones may be running a little rampant;

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Leah Bonnema
Leah Bonnema is a New York Magazine. Jessi Klein
Jessi Klein has written for “Saturday Night Live” performing burlesque or more recently recording pop music, the San Francisco icon is always charming and envelope-pushing.

Michelle Collins
The diva of VH1’s “Best Week Ever,”

Como Aliviar El Acid Burn

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Como Aliviar El Acid Burn
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Como Aliviar El Acid Burn
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